Fire Safety

Fire Safety at School is important for the simple reason that a large number of children are gathered at one place and a single fire can affect all of them. Most of the furniture in a class room such as chairs, tables and desks are made from wood and these can easily catch fire. In order to avoid any such fire accident, the school undertakes the following precautions & safety measures:

• The school is equipped with fire fighting equipment consisting of fire extinguishers (CO2/DCP/AFFF), fire stands, fire buckets (Sand/Water), fire alarms.

• Each floor of every wing is equipped with fire extinguishers. All the laboratories, library, stores, office etc., are also equipped with fire extinguishers.

• The school conducts fire drills frequently, in which the whole school participates.

• The school has well prepared plan of evacuation in case of an emergency.

All Wings of NCS have prepared a plan of evacuation for various blocks and safety zones have been designated during the times of any emergency.

NCS Visakhapatnam
NCS Visakhapatnam


NCS- 104 Area Wing,
Sri Vijaya Nagar Colony,
Visakhapatnam – 530018


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