Congratulations to ALL the students of classes X & XII (NSB & 104) for their excellent performance in CBSE Board Examination 2022.  I  



The school offers services of Special Educator at Primary wings of Nausena Baugh and 104 Area for educating children with special needs.


Learning by playing is the main objective of the play park. Creative and challenging play is essential to early childhood development. The school has various play equipment designed specifically for preschoolers and primary students to encourage physical and cognitive growth while providing hours of engaging and exploratory fun.


Science Park is set up in the school premises to teach Science in a play way method. It includes 15 varieties of outdoor science gadgetsand in future more will be added. For instance 'Bell Tower', helps students in understanding how sound varies for different materials. By using 'Rotating Chair' students can experience changes in angular velocity etc.


Theme park is set up in NSB and DH Hill wings for awareness among children about the importance of fruits and vegetables and to know animals in their natural habitat.


Kindergarten Activity room is set up to gain knowledge through physical activities. Teachers teach various concepts by interactive activities. As the children grow up, these activities sow a seed of knowledge in their minds along with improving their latent skills.


The KG Wing has a sand pit activity that aims to promote interaction with peers & helps gross & fine motor development.


KG Wing NSB has a traffic park to impart necessary training on road safety and to teach the young children traffic rules and regulations.


Gross Motor Development is emphasized through mass P.T, aerobics and free play using Modern aids and outdoor play equipment.


The school has a broadcasting system connected to all class rooms, staff rooms and labs. The system is very effective to monitor the proceeding in each room and transmit the information to all rooms at a time.


Stationery Shop is located at Secondary Wing (NSB) & 104 Area and their timings are as mentioned below:

CAFETERIA: Snacks are available during both the breaks in the cafeteria located at the school premises of the secondary section. The first break is at 09:50 am for 20 minutes and the second is at 12 noon for 10 minutes.

AUDITORIUM: School has one auditorium where all the interactive sessions with teachers, parents and students takes place such as workshops, seminars etc.

CONFERENCE HALL: School has one conference hall where all the the important meetings with management, counselling sessions with the parents, teachers etc takes place.

COUNSELLING ROOM: The school offers the services of counsellors to students as well as parents in all the three wings. Students can meet the counsellors on all working days.

FIRST AID: Immediate aid is provided to the students if the child gets hurt. As the school is located near the vicinity of INHS Kalyani, the injured children are taken to the hospital.

SECURITY OF CHILDREN: Security of the students is the utmost concern of the school. Teachers & Sub-staff are allocated with duties during break time, dispersals and through out the day. No outsiders are allowed to enter the school campus, neither the children can leave school without parent.

NCS Visakhapatnam

Science Park

NCS Visakhapatnam

Activity Room

NCS Visakhapatnam

Sand Pit

NCS Visakhapatnam

Traffic Park

NCS Visakhapatnam

Outdoor Playing Equipment

NCS Visakhapatnam

Outdoor Playing Equipment


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