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Music & Performing Arts

Music is an important component of the school education, the benefits of which have been largely documented. We have Music Room in different wings of our School catering to the interests of our students.

The purpose of having Music Rooms is to provide the students with an understanding of the fundamentals of music and at the same time strengthening their bond with one of the finest forms of art. Exploring the various dimensions of music, whether performing a vocal, solo, rehearsing to tune, the strings or creating compositions is the main aim of the music teachers of our school.

Our trained faculty of music are committed to give the students the tools they need to study and perform, as well as the confidence and inspiration to pursue whatever music they find inspiring ultimately making them calm, composed and in sync with their spiritual self.

Music Rooms in NCS are well-equipped with various instruments like congo, harmonium, kettle drum, cymbals, tabla, flute, tambourine, key-board, bass drum etc. The aim is to stimulate pupils’ curiosity, maintain their interest and enjoy music. The school has a school band in all the three wings.

NCS Visakhapatnam
NCS Visakhapatnam
NCS Visakhapatnam
NCS Visakhapatnam
NCS Visakhapatnam
NCS Visakhapatnam


NCS- 104 Area Wing,
Sri Vijaya Nagar Colony,
Visakhapatnam – 530018


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